Another deck moment

Green leaves against a blue skyNo better than this: Blue sky, green leaves, warm sun, chorus of birds. Stealing a few moments just to be.

I recall a minister who preached on our propensity to be doing all the time. She noted our self worth is defined by how much we accomplish, reflected by too many e-mails, too many business trips, too many meetings to attend and calls to make and take. We spend ourselves, rushing from project to project, commitment to commitment, just in time.

With this frenetic lifestyle, we too often sacrifice the time and lose the opportunity to listen deeply to another person’s story, even to discern our own story. And at the end of the trail, will the busy-ness and long list of activities and accomplishments be worth the loss of relationship, the loss of balance?

Hard to say. The motivation to make a positive difference in the world is surely good. And there’s so much to do.

If we can’t get off the merry-go-round &#151 if we’re not sure we even want to &#151 let’s at least steal a few moments now and then just to be.

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