Warmth of the sun

lawn in the sun

Sitting in the sun in the back yard, a cool breeze blowing across my face, hearing the rustle of the leaves overhead.

It’s not often that we allow ourselves a few minutes pause to absorb the warmth of the sun and hear the rhythm of the neighborhood: a few birds, cars braking at the stop sign down the hill, a distant lawn mower.

Mostly, we’re consumed by the need to be doing something — or feel like we’re doing something productive. It’s good to make a positive difference. Yet it’s nourishing to pause occasionally, allowing ourselves to feel the warmth from our nearest star, the coolness of a dry breeze, to hear the bird songs.

We need that perspective to give us meaning.

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Morning gratitude

Several years ago I started occasionally posting photos on various social media sites — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest — using the heading “Morning Gratitude.” Usually a flower, sometimes a cloud formation, the shots are typically taken during my morning walk with Strudel, the family dog.

This act has become a habit, both an opportunity to cultivate the art of photography and develop a discipline to see and appreciate the world within which I move.

I recommend it as an intentional practice to step outside the oblivion of daily life and witness the subtle wonder of nature.

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