Fall colors

Fall colors
New England is ablaze in the colors of fall,
The warmth of summer replaced with cooler nights and days, seeing the breath in the morning, frost on the grass.
Dawn comes later, dark earlier, as the sun falls faster into the horizon.
Apples, pumpkins, and leaf peeping spur family outings – the children’s laughter the same delight as the “oohs” and “aahs” of the adults.
Life has a renewed sense of urgency:
Winter is coming.

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Anyone out there?

Yesterday I had a moment of unexpected connection, one which triggered a wide smile accompanied by a sense of amazement.

Before I elaborate, let me digress to muse on why I write this blog (infrequent as my postings are). I enjoy writing and how the process helps me to collect, shape, and refine my thinking. Thinking and its result — well-developed, rational thought — is important to me. That probably explains my “secret” desire to be a pundit, whose opinion is valued and respected, even if not agreed with.

Given my predilection, this blog serves a dual purpose. It motivates my writing and provides a vehicle to share my thinking. While I would write if only for the personal pleasure of doing so, my ego wonders whether anyone on the world wide web is listening.

Back to the story of the unexpected connection.

Scanning my e-mail before dinner last night, I saw a message alerting me to a comment posted on this blog. Sharanya had read a reflection I wrote almost a year ago. To Coming in last, she responded with this comment:

Thank you, Gary. This really lifted my spirit. I am training for long-distance races, and I have come in last for many of my training workouts. It feels lousy at times. But you’re right, there’s more to running a race than the motivation of winning. Thank you for giving me this perspective.

The smile on my face reflected the delight and amazement that words written a year ago — my words — could both be found and positively influence someone’s outlook.

You might say this is all very blasé. After all, isn’t the web supposed to foster community, and hasn’t it demonstrated the ability to do so countless times?

Yes and yes. But when it personally happens, transcending the theory and newsprint to make a human connection, it feels wonderous. And for that I’m grateful.

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