A perfect end to summer

Boston skyline

It would be hard to imagine a better Labor Day weekend, except for it to last a few more days.

What made it memorable?

A 24 hour holiday, wandering around Boston with the family.
No schedule, no commitments, no urgency.
Lots of laughter.
Plentiful, delicious food and drink.
Beautiful sights: a full moon over the city, sailboats on the Charles River.
Perfect weather: warm in the sun, cool — even chilly — in the shade.

As the days shorten and the chill in the air turns cold, we will remember this snapshot of summer.

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I leave my heart in San Francisco

Crossing the Golden Gate BridgeBusiness took me to the Bay Area this week. I’ve usually spent my time in and around San Jose, but this trip took me further north, to Santa Rosa and the wine country.

I have a reverence for the Bay Area; it’s always a joy to go there.

Silicon Valley has been the technology center of the world for the past fifty years, arguably spawning the innovation in semiconductors, personal computing, portable electronics, software, and the Internet.

These human endeavors spill across an incredible natural environment: mountains, hills, bay, ocean, and a Mediterranean climate. The best example of the wedding of human with landscape is the Golden Gate Bridge, an inspiring structure that connects San Francisco with the communities north of the bay.

I’m grateful that business brought me across the Golden Gate this week, with reason to come back from time to time. And I’m particularly grateful that a couple of unexpected coincidences allowed me to spend a night with my brother and sister-in-law, enjoying a few relaxed hours visiting.

Standing on the balcony of their beautiful condo overlooking the bay, I imagined what it would be like to actually live there, in the heart of the city, amidst the bustle of traffic and the cycles of fog. Not likely, but like Tony Bennett, I can leave my heart in San Francisco.

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