Sleeping in

With no reason to be up and out of the house early, it’s a rare gift not to have to set an alarm. As the day breaks, I rise towards consciousness, listening for stirrings in the house. Hearing none, I drift slowly back into sleep. Strange cameo dreams inhabit this brief slumber, but no concerns, no obligations. I awake refreshed.

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Beginning of Fall

Astronomically, the equinox occurred earlier today, one of two times during the year when the sun is directly “above” the equator.

Translated to the personal, here in southern New Hampshire the weather defined perfection: sunny, blue skies, low humidity, warm in the sunshine and cool in the shade, a noticeable breeze rustling the leaves.

All of the senses could savor this day: the sight of blue sky and trembling leaves in the golden sunlight, the sound of the rustling leaves, the feel of cool breezes skimming along the skin, the smell of dryness, the sweetness of a neighbor’s beech plums ripened by the summer sun.

Let me pause and be grateful for the gift of a perfect day. It won’t be long before the warmth gives way to the cold breath of winter.

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This blog reflects my intent to develop a disciplined spiritual practice of being grateful, of recognizing those gifts that come each day, yet are often overlooked in the busyness and routine of life.

Since a blog is a public expression, accessible by anyone on the globe with an Internet connection, this is an open meditation. I invite you to join me in reflecting upon the many gifts of life; I hope this will aid your discernment.


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