October gratitude

&#147Some October, when the leaves turn gold, ask me if I’ve done enough to deserve this life I’ve been given.&#148 — Barbara Crooker, from her poem Some October

In addition to the brilliant colors of fall, I find much for which to be grateful: Lori and I have now been married for 21 years, Andrea turned 18, and she received her first admission to a college.

I recall my own senior year and the process of applying to colleges. Life was all possibility, unbounded, a future awaiting discovery. I didn’t fathom the wisdom of a casual comment my high school boss made, that my choice of college would determine my life.

At times I have mused about my path, had I made a different choice. No regret, just curiosity. These days, though, I wonder about the decisions my children will make and the die they will cast. I hope they will make a positive contribution to the world through the purpose of their days, while finding fulfillment and happiness.

Change the World!
Andrea’s admonition, immortalized with sidewalk chalk on the street in front of our house during the summer of 2009.

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