Just another historic day

Tuesday was a busy day for me. Up early, I drove into Boston to catch a flight to Dallas. Traffic was heavy the first day after the Martin Luther King holiday, and I wondered if I would miss my flight. Thanks to a sparse line going through security, I arrived at the gate with some time to spare. We were airborne shortly after 9:00 am, landed around 11:30 am Central (12:30 pm Eastern), and the rest of my day was filled with business.

When I left Boston, George Bush was President of the United States. When I landed in Dallas, Barack Obama was — the first African American President.

That we have transcended the color of a person’s skin is truly remarkable, a milestone in human dignity to be celebrated. That the transfer of power was routine, number 43 to number 44, reflects the stability of our system of government and calls for deep gratitude. That I live in a country where such a historic occasion can be just another day gives me hope for the world.

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