The week’s list

This week’s tweets of gratitude:

Monday — I am grateful for the insight and inspiration of poetry, “arguing” with my daughter and wife about whose favorite poem is best.

Tuesday — After tonight’s school concert, I am grateful for public school music teachers, who introduce our children to the most accessible of arts and create beauty in song.

Wednesday — I am grateful for the men and women who leave their families to serve our country in distant and often dangerous lands.

Thursday — This morning I am thankful for this view: the sun rising from the Atlantic, Cape Cod almost touchable below. Imagining the Mayflower 389 years ago.

Friday — I am grateful for the opportunity to break bread with international colleagues and learn about their lives.

Saturday — I am grateful thatI will sleep in my own bed tonight, probably with the “pup” stretched out alongside my leg.

Today — I am grateful to have found a buyer for my grandfather’s home. This will close a long, long chapter of family history.

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